Our History

Budget Inn - Flagstaff, AZ looks back on a long tradition. Find out the most important information on our history.

Opened back when Flagstaff was just a small little town with big dreams.  We have seen many groups come year after year for the past 12 years.  We have done our best to keep them happy and coming back.  Now Flagstaff has grown, but we still keep our small town feel at our hotel. 


Flagstaff History

Around 1856 to 1870, Lt. Edward Beale scouted a trail across the Southwest that would later bear his name. In 1876, a group of pioneers traveling the Beale road stopped on the Fourth of July and made camp at a spring in the shadow of the San Francisco Peaks. To celebrate the centennial of the nation, they stripped the limbs from a tall pine and raised the flag. Over the years, many travelers stopped near the tall "flag-staff," these pioneers had raised and the name stuck.


Like many western towns, the arrival of the railroad marked a turning point in the history of Flagstaff. Prior to the arrival of the train, the city was little more than a campsite along a pioneer trail. The train gave shepherds, loggers and cattlemen access to markets for their products, and those industries soon thrived in this region. The train also brought in visitors from around the world, who used Flagstaff as a jumping-off point for a stage ride to Grand Canyon.  Believe it or not, this is still the case today. ~ History Courtesy of the Flagstaff CVB